Consumer Supply

Order Assurance

Record keeping

We utilize advanced WMS (Warehouse Management System) software to provide complete origin to destination product traceability. It provides our customers assurance that their order will comply with government regulations for record keeping– mainly the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.

Order Accuracy

Our WMS software is a key part of our supply chain. It assists us with purchasing forecasting, stock rotation, and order fulfillment and ultimately ensures you get the freshest product possible when you need it.

Fleet Tracking

We utilize an onboard GPS fleet tracking and communication system that allows us critical information about your delivery in real time. We know that you need your order delivered in a timely manner and have made the investments in people and technology to succeed.

Feed Safety

We are a voluntary participant of the Safe Feed/Safe Food program and are also a FCI Certified Facility. These comprehensive programs are our commitment of food safety for our customers.